The Racing Bicycle Collection
1901 Eagle Quad Stay
Board Track Racer
1925 Automoto
Tour de France
1931 James
1936 Gloria Garibaldina
1936 Caminargent
1937 Allegro
1946 A.S. Gillott
with taper tube frame
1947 Baines Whirlwind
"Flying Gate"
1938 Moorson Twin Tube
1948 Hetchins
Super Special track
1949 Atala with
Cambio Corsa
1950 Thanet Silverlight
Time Trial
1954 Stella
Louison Bobet TdF
1950 Helyett Speciale
1949 Atala with
Paris-Roubaix derailleur
1958 Legnano Tipo
Roma Olimpiade
1955 Gillott Time Trial
with taper tube frame
1961 Bianchi Team issue
1968 Pogliaghi Strada
Faema livery
1972 Colnago Super
1972 Masi
Gran Criterium
1974 Italian Masi
Gran Criterium
1972 Cinelli
Speciale Corsa
1973 De Rosa
1986 Wilier Triestina
Team bicycle
1977 Colnago Pista
1976 Pogliaghi
1954 Bates B.A.R with
Cantiflex tubing and
Diadrant forks
1953 Bianchi
Tour de France
1980 Eddy Merckx
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1973 Colnago
Eddy Merckx
Molteni livery
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De Rosa built
Molteni Team bike
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1972 Pogliaghi