1974 Masi Gran Criterium
Known as “The Tailor” for his exacting craftsmanship, Faliero Masi built bicycles for some of the most
renowned champions of the sport, among them Fausto Coppi, Fiorenzo Magni, Learco Guerra, Louison
Bobet, Jacques Anquetil, Federico Bahamontes, Tom Simpson, Gastone Nencini, Roger Riviere, Antonio
Maspes, Ferdinand Bracke, Rik van Looy, Felice Gimondi, Vittorio Adorni, Patrick Sercu, and Eddy
Merckx. The Masi name was not usually seen on their bikes, which most often carried the trade names of
the racers’ sponsors. For example, the Superia marked bike of Rik van Looy or the Peugeot marked bike of
Bracke, were in fact bicycles built by Masi.

The legendary Masi Gran Criterium, built in Italy from 1970 to 1974, represented the epitome of Italian
racing bicycle design, combined impeccable handling characteristics with strength and lightness. These
bicycles are recognized by the cognoscenti as worthy of the utmost respect. In 1973 Faliero opened another
production facility in Carlsbad, California with Alberto Masi continuing to carry the torch in Italy.

This 1974 Masi was one of the last Gran Criteriums built in the Milan workshop under the Vigorelli
velodrome. It is entirely original, save for the tires and handlebar tape. Extra care was taken in
disassembling the bike for shipment to the United States in order to preserve the assembly details. Note the
painted brake and derailleur cable ends, the painted nut and bolt ends on the top tube’s cable guides, the
rear brake mounting nut, which are examples of the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail of
Italian built Masi bicycles. No paint touch ups have been done to this bike.