1936 Gloria Garibaldina
Gloria was founded in 1922 by Alfredo Forcesi and Francesco Galmozzi. Sponsoring professional
teams early on, they won the World Championship in 1923 with Libero Ferrario and the Giro
d'Italia in 1931 with Francesco Camusso. Others of note who raced on Glorias at some point in their
careers include Constante Giradengo and Learco Guerra. Gloria Garibaldinas were the most
beautiful bicycles in the world with their satin nickel finish and tre-foglior (three flower) lugs. It
was at Gloria that Faliero Masi learned his craft, working there from 1936-38, and a young Ernesto
Colnago was so taken by Glorias that he worked there for meals only during the war. Cino Cinelli,
who also worked at Gloria for a short time, may have been inspired by the semi-sloping fork
crowns found on Glorias. This particular Gloria was found in an Italian cellar where it sat
untouched for decades before being brought to the United States.