1946 Gillott with taper tube frame
A.S. Gillott is a highly regarded British marque known for the use of taper tubes and elegant
spearpoint lugs. Production began in 1946 with Len Davies as framebuilder; Ron Cooper began
his apprenticeship with Gillott in 1947 and stayed on as master framebuilder until 1963 when the
Gillott name was sold. Since all involved with Gillott were bicycle racers, most of their production
went to racers and "clubmen". This Gillott is from the first year of production and is fitted with a
custom Gillott stem that matches the frame's lug pattern. The term "taper tube" comes from the
frame's seat tube and downtube which increase in diameter as they meet at the bottom bracket,
increasing the strength of the frame and reducing bottom bracket flex, the bane of racing bicycles.
This bicycle is shown in it's British winter guise sporting celluloid mudguards.