1947 Baines Whirlwind
Flying Gate
This highly unorthodox frame design is known by various names, Flying Gate and VS37
among them, but Whirlwind was the original name given it by its builders. When the Baines
brothers were approached by local racers to build a fast and responsive bike with a short
wheelbase, one of the Baines brothers, a draftsman, penned this design. Production of the first
Whirlwind began in 1935 and continued into the 1950's proving this design was a successful
one.  The International TT was their top model, having finer seat stays and more ornate lugs.
This particular bicycle was purchased new in 1947 by Muckey George and was well used by
him until 1999, obtaining three repaints. In 1999 it was fully restored back to it's original color.