1925 Automoto Tour de France
Automoto was the preeminent builder of racing bicycles during cycling's Golden Age with four
consecutive victories during the 1920's. With Henri Pelissier's 1923 win, Ottavio Bottecchia's back to
back victories in 1924 and 1925 and Lucien Buysse's win in 1926, along with multiple wins in
Paris-Roubaix, Bordeaux-Paris and numerous Championships, Automoto was unrivaled. During the
1920's, no other marque could lay claim to such an impressive race pedigree.

This particular bicycle was in the private collection of Swiss industrialist Hans Mueller since the 1950's.
Mr. Mueller was closely associated with Imholz Bicycles before going on to found Goldia Bicycles. He
was a patron of Swiss cycling and counted Tour de France winners Hugo Koblet and Ferdi Kuebler as
his close friends. This bicycle was purchased from Mr. Mueller's widow after his death in 2002.