1937 Allegro Competition
Comparing this 1937 Allegro with the 1936 Gloria illustrates several technical advancements in
racing bicycles. In 1937, Tour de France organizer Henri Desgrange finally allowed the
competitors to use derailleurs, and alloy wheel rims were permitted (In 1934 the TdF was won by
Antonin Magne whose bicycle was fitted with alloy rims cleverly painted to appear as wooden
rims - the new innovation alloy rims were not allowed by Desgrange).  This Allegro sports a
Super Champion derailleur, Durax SuperCorse crankset, FB hubs, very early Weinmann brakes,
and is still in rideable condition, as is the case with all of the others in this collection.  Still faintly
visible is the name or nickname “ Leleu” painted on the top tube.